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Fair play for Prepay
Consumers demand a fairer deal for energy prepayment meter users

17% of energy customers in Great Britain use prepayment meters – that’s 10.8 million people using energy paid for this way.

These customers often experience poor customer service and a lack of ways to top up. Customers generally pay on average £80 more for their energy than direct debit customers. They often have problems with faulty keys or meters and have little or no choice over tariffs.

Citizens Advice believes that energy prepayment meter users deserve better than a second-class service.

Citizens Advice, as the statutory consumer watchdog for energy customers, are demanding that energy suppliers provide more control, improved prices and easier use for prepayment meter customers. It’s time we held the suppliers to account and called for a fair deal for prepayment customers.

Sign the petition to support the Fair play for prepay campaign: http://chn.ge/1zFtCmJ

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