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Mad about the ad?
Don't get mad - GET INVOLVED!

"Have you seen an ad that’s made you mad? Been tempted by big bold claims only to discover the real story buried deeper in the detail?
Misleading advertisements make it harder for consumers to make the right choice, to distinguish between genuine bargains and those that exaggerate to deceive.
That’s why Citizens Advice is putting a whole bunch of bad ads under the spotlight…starting in December with bad broadband ads.
By taking action on misleading adverts we want to create a level playing field, a place where customers feel confident about their choices." Citizens Advice

If you spot a bad ad, then you can complain about it using our resources. We are also inviting people to join our League of Super Complainers – consumers who are able to spot a dodgy ad from a mile off and report it so that the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) can take action.


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